Thursday, February 21, 2008

To blog or not to blog?

Just add some eyeliner and a wig

Reading THIS (albeit old) article from made me really angry.

It's supposed to be an article about the best movie blogs on the web. However, instead of being a supportive look at talented amateurs it's a subtle, yet bitter attack on bloggers everywhere.

This is my response to the sad and arrogant Dan Ackman's infuriating article:
"A lot of people blog about movies. People who haven't studied film or have no qualifications related to journalism. I, being one such blogger, defend all of those who do so. Many writers and experts in their fields have only studied their subjects in life. Where would we be without these independent minds? I count myself lucky to be among those who dedicate their lives to the study of what they love. Anyone who thinks you need a qualification to be able to talk about something is as ignorant as those they condemn".
If you read the article it actually seems as though this Ackerman may be jelaous that these "
obsessed-fan types who cheerfully admit their lack of qualifications, but who blog on regardless". He later goes on to praise those who "leave the celebrity worship on the cutting room floor". Too little too late. The guy happens to be a lawyer so that might account for his dream-crushing criticism. It explains a lot anyway!

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