Monday, March 10, 2008

Where there were no movies...

The blogosphere had nothin' on that sunset

Thanks for stopping by to see if there's anything new. I've spent the last few days at a place called White Beach (see photo above). Inventive name right? Does nothing for the sheer beauty of the place. The skilled photographer who took the photo is my clever boyfriend Jeremy.

There were no televisions or internet there
, but plenty of good conversation over an ancient game of Trivial Pursuit and some camp-tea. Later in the night I had words with the ever-deflating mattress in the tent that probably sounded to some as though we were watching Die Hard. Stupid hole in the stupid mattress.

Camping is truly an experience, especially when everything goes wrong. When you get home and take a look at the photos though, your back always seems to hurt a bit less and you forget all the time and effort. Those damn photos...they just make you want to do it all over again.

Movie stuff soon, promise.

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