Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A picture tour of my house...

Where the magic happens (that's my assistant Galactica)

I decided to give my regular readers a glimpse into my obsessive life...movies aren't just a hobby for me, I live them.

Let's start with the office, or computer room. Here's a small selection of posters from the wall. No, that isn't really Bruce's signature though I did manage to convince someone it was for a time...

My collection of mostly movie related toys...Optimash Prime, Optimus Prime, E.T., Donatello from TMNT, Spiderman the Pez dispenser and Togepi from Pokemon. In the background there's a Die Hard stubbie holder (yes, in the shape of a wife beater). In the foreground, some movie tickets.

Let's move on to the toilet shall we...never fear, it's quite clean, if clean is cat hair all over the floor...

Above is the "Movie Posters of the 60's" calendar I picked up late last year. It was such a great find! Below are some of my many Empire magazines...you must agree, it really is the best place to read a magazine. I hope if any Empire staff come across this, they aren't offended. It's a great complement in my opinion!

This shot is from my film T-shirt collection which also includes Tomb Raider, Ferris Bueller, Terminator 3, The Goonies and others. Can you tell out of those which ones were promo freebies?

Now the living room, where many a movie is watched with great delight...

Like a sentinel, this beastie from Thailand reigns over the living room, keeping watch. It is, of course, the Predator, created entirely from old auto parts.

Here's part of my collection of movie books. I have a weakness for them!

Below is one of the funniest I've come across. The Golden Turkey Awards are for the worst movies of all time. It's insanely good to read.

More Empire magazines live inside the coffee table, awaiting a browse.

And here are just a sample of some of my DVD's...you're looking at the action & comedy drawer...sprinkled with some overflow sci-fi's...what you didn't think I'd sort my DVD's by genre? Come on!

And finally, a little trinket left over...one that snuck its way into my house and hasn't taken kindly to being thrown out. I don't know what the sticker on it's from but I only remember it's still there because it was going to leave sticky residue. The magnet is from Armageddon. Many people concurred.

Well I hope you enjoyed that tour of my house...it's a quaint little life I lead, and thankfully my other half tolerates my passion. I could have shown you more, but frankly I'm sick of posting pictures! :)

PS I left out a really amazing movie poster that was from ComicCon, and it's a preview for Indiana Jones. It's the only picture on my living room wall...I've posted it before HERE.

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