Saturday, April 5, 2008

Boycott Dimension...NOW

There are some movies that are sacred, and ones that should never be touched. Thanks to Diablo Cody (close, personal friend of course) I saw THIS blasphemy.

Everyone reading this better boycott that filth if it ever gets produced. I don't give a F*** if the "people" who were first involved are involved again. Selling your soul to the devil (aka film studios) is always going to be a bad move!!!

'Short Circuit's' Johnny 5 still alive

Dimension acquires rights to remake 1986 film


Dimension Films is rewiring "Short Circuit," acquiring rights to remake the 1986 film.

The original introduced Number 5, a robot built by the military to be a highly sophisticated weapon. It developed a conscience and a personality after being hit by lightning, and then needed the help of humans after it was targeted for destruction by its makers, once it became a peacenik.

S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, who created the characters and wrote both "Short Circuit" films, have been hired to write the remake. David Foster and Ryan E. Heppe will produce with John Hyde.

Deal was made by Dimension co-chairman Bob Weinstein, who called "Short Circuit" a worthy addition to its family film slate.

Foster, who produced the original with his partner Lawrence Turman and son Gary Foster, said the film will be similar in theme to the original, but it will factor in advances in technology.


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