Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My inner explorer...

Brad Pitt? Looks more like Daniel Day Lewis to me...

Isn't it great that a movie, or the whisper of one, can awaken a true mystery? Or ignite passion?

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Paramount Pictures has preemptively picked up "Lost City of Z," David Grann's manuscript about the search for a lost city in the Amazon reports Variety.

Brad Pitt will produce the feature adaptation through his Plan B company as a potential starring vehicle.

Grann's forthcoming nonfiction book concerns British explorer Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, who was attempting to find the so-called City of Z when he and his party disappeared in 1925.

Over the next 70 years, scores of explorers tried and failed to retrace Fawcett's path, including a 1996 expedition of Brazilian adventurers. Pitt would play Fawcett.

The manuscript is scheduled to be published in February. The studio previously optioned Grann's New Yorker article "City of Water."
This movie sounds so cool!!! I really hope they make it. There are so many mysteries surrounding Percy Fawcett's disappearance, including one theory that he meant to stay in the jungle and create a cult that worshipped his son! Read more about Percy HERE and about the Lost City of Z HERE.

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