Thursday, May 29, 2008


Lucas is replacing actors with these guys in the next one

I really like that word, don't you? It perfectly explains the feelings I had toward the many critics and fans who were happy with Indiana Jones and the Terrible Script. I just cannot fathom what was so good about it? It wasn't even nostailgic enough to soften my distaste for what is surely another product of George Lucas' madness. Is it so hard to admit that they went wrong? It's great to want to love a movie, but you have to be honest with yourselves, did you like it? DID YOU REALLY?

I can understand the people who watched it WITH Spielberg, Ford and Lucas. You can't exactly say, "Gee guys, thanks for the film, but it sucked ass now give me my money back". Major publications don't really want to get on the bad side of those 3 major Hollywood players. However, I have the benefit of being so unknown I can still be honest. I do love what Lucas used to do, and I'm probably one of Spielberg's biggest fans. I knew his name when I was about 3 years old and have been following his work since. Even though Mr.Ford has a reputation for being grumpy, he's still Indiana Jones and Han Solo and that's good enough for me. He isn't too old, and still has charm a plenty.

Anyway, I have to be boring everyone with repeated rants about this film, but my heart is really broken so like any crazed ex-lover, I keep revisiting it over and over again, wanting to recapture the old days. Unfortunately, it still isn't returning my calls. Even more unfortunate is how my heart yearns for something more, something unattainable...what COULD have been.

I can be angry, say horrible things about George Lucas, write blog after blog, but it will never change how I feel about what they did to my Indiana. I'm even going to watch it again, just to prove to myself it was as bad as I thought at the time. Why would I torture myself like that? Because like all of you who have admitted it's terrible even though you hoped against hope it wouldn't be, the gap of a week has grown wide enough for a little seedling to push through. A glint of hope that maybe I was just too excited...maybe I missed something...maybe it was the person I nearly killed right before the movie that dampened my mood (yes, long story short kid in dark clothing crossing road at night and not of smoke, screeching tires, explosion of tears, everyone's ok).

However, I think that little seedling will die when I revisit Indy IV. You have no idea how crushed I am, how honestly saddened I am by this. It's Indy! My hero! When I recently watched all 3 original films back to back, I laughed and cried like a horrible cliche yet I had the best adventure, again. Nothing will make up for the devastation I felt on May 22...a day that shall live in infamy.

That's it for now, no more Indy IV talk...I'm moving on. A little less harsh yet still a tragedy. Shakespeare could do no better.

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