Sunday, May 25, 2008

That Darn Internet

Hi...I'm faster than Jenni's internet right now (and better than Indy IV)

Hello! I have not yet recovered from the atrociousness that was Indy IV, so have watched all the older films and feel much warmer and fuzzier now. However, my internet has been shaped and for you non-tech savvy people that means it's slower than (insert witty saying here).

I now have cro-magnon speeds which means writing posts in MS Word then nearly cracking a tooth while waiting for it to load it on blogger. This may result in less posts for the rest of this month.

I haven't given up on movies so don't worry! I've seen the hilarious D-Grade horror Teeth about a teen gal with Vagina Dentata (go on, just guess what it means), watched a Wes Anderson film I really liked (go figure) called The Darjeeling Ltd. and found Enchanted with a cavity or Penelope if you really want to know. That's the movie about the pig-faced girl played by Christina Ricci. I had a blast watching all of those films and the only let down (besides, Indy IV of course) was Semi-Pro. A few chuckles but otherwise Blades of Glory territory. Bring on Step-Brothers!

One more thing...if you're under the age of 18 and reading this and you thought Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull "wasn't THAT bad" then shame, SHAME on you. I sentence you to 6+ hours of Raiders, Doom and Crusade to allow you some redemption.

Blog more soon...from the Jurassic period. Rawwwr.


Rollie said...

What about those of us who are over 18 and thought Indy was actually really good?

Jonathan Fisher said...

I'm over 18 and I LIKED Indy 4. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen,
I didn't want to say I agree with your Indy review becuase in my heart I wanted it to be the best but here goes....i agree with your reviews...aliens? Please!

Jen Reviews Movies said...

Well then you should be EXTRA ashamed. I don't know how you Jon and you Rollie (especially you Rollie)didn't want to tear Lucas a new one after watching that. I read an interview with Harrison Ford that said most of the 'ooh la la' was added by Lucas. Argh! The 6 people I saw it with, all big Indy fans and one of whom is also a critic, felt the same way. So did that guy who writes for Variety or Village Voice or one of those V titled publications. I know people liked it, that's fine. I just fail to see why! :)

Jen Reviews Movies said...

Leish, believe you me, if there were anyone on this planet who wanted to LOVE Indy IV it's me. I was ready and willing to embrace it with open arms then it slapped me right in my mouth. Damn it.