Sunday, June 15, 2008

Script of Gold?

Perhaps a far worse enemy than those pesky Nazis

Frank Darabont's script for Indy IV has surfaced. Click here for details and for what people have said about it. General consensus is, George Lucas screwed both scripts with his ridiculous story and arrogance. Really? I'm so shocked...

My favorite and most articulate comment comes from "Tim", especially the last line:

"I feel that one of the largest problems encompassing the latest Indian Jones film has much more to do with the script - quite simply, the demographics and society as a whole has changed. Back when the very first Indy arrived the innocence in our society was far greater than what it is today, in 2008. America had not gone through the scandal, wars,and politics as it had during this intital time period. Escapism then was more cherished and coveted than it is now, and it takes a greater degree of freshness to pacify an audience today with the intense anger, confusion, desensitization, perversiveness et al with society as a whole. Coupled with all of this, that "target audience" of moviegoes today, simply a large majority of them were not even born when the very first Indy film arrived at the box office. That style of a Saturday matinee B-moive does not exist in the minds of that target audience of today, and the violence and gore that they have come to accept is not as "comic book." This movie in my opinions would have been very hard-pressed to work at all, with any quality script, just as the Star Wars prequels. There are quite simply, things that you just leave - alone".
PS Can anyone really believe Indy IV was a superior film to Temple of Doom, my favourite of the series? Why are so many people quick to dismiss that second made film? COMMENT!

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Rollie said...

I loved Temple of Doom too, though I do think that Raiders of the Lost Ark is still king. Personally I think each Indy movie is a step down from the one before it, but all four are a lot of fun.