Monday, June 16, 2008

Teaser Reviews

Has anyone see my panda? Kinda fat, black and white fur? No? Huh.

At the Movies:

The Incredible Hulk
: Superior to 2003 Hulk but not as awesome as Iron Man. 3.5/5

Sex and the City
: just as fun as the TV show and highly entertaining. Very girly though. 3/5

Kung Fu Panda
: Perhaps one of the most fun and funny animated films I've ever seen. Best of all it's got a great big heart. One of my top films of the year so far, will appeal to most. 4.5/5

The Happening: M. Night S finally let me down. In this film, the cast's misdirected acting was scarier than the premise. I didn't know if it was meant to be that funny or what. Terrible. 1/5

Indiana Jones IV
: Still sucks people! *RAZZIE*


Be Kind, Rewind
: Not as good as I had hoped with less "sweded" films and more forced sappiness. I had expected more from that group of people but it was still quite fun to watch. 2.5/5

I also watched more but it's 11pm post 3 red wines and I have no idea what else! hah

Hopefully reviews will be up eventually but it seems they are the only things I don't have time to write. I love to do the movies justice, even if it was a stinker. As I doubt many of you hang on my every word, I'm sure it can wait. Hope you are watching lots of great films!

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