Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some mini-reviews...

Ok I've been watching flicks like crazy so here are some mini-reviews...

Speed Racer - Visually incredible. Just a beautiful film. Casting was great, loved the use of a real chimp instead of CGI. Apart from being overlong, the script was quite poor and I didn't understand it was supposed to be like a modern version of an Elvis to the max. It just seemed silly. The film also struggles to choose which audience it's going, fans of the TV cartoon, teens, kept changing throughout the film! However, it was just great to see what they did artistically with the visuals... 2.5/5 stars.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan - Adam Sandler finally finds his funny again! This film is ridiculously stupid but highly entertaining. The in-your-face message here is EVERYONE STOP TAKING THINGS SO DAMN SERIOUSLY!!! A highlight was Adam Sandler's character racing after a Wave Runner dolphin style. The film is also terribly quotable: "Silky Smooth"! 3/5 stars.

Unbreakable - After listening to a great podcast from my pals over at The Naked Lunch I had to re-watch this amazing film. It's so terribly tragic, the story, yet so powerful. I always cry when I watch this movie and am continually impressed by Samuel L Jackson's performance. Heartbreaking. 4/5 stars.

Die Hard: with a Vengeance
- So after watching Bruce Willis and Samuel L. on screen in Unbreakable, I had to watch this. Die Hard is my favorite all time action series and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3rd outing. While not as unique or wonderful as #1, the chemistry between Jackson and Willis is captivating. These guys should make more movies together! 3.5/5 stars. Pure joyful entertainment.

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