Sunday, June 29, 2008

This site will change your life and other lies I've told in the name of self promotion

Proud as a...

Today I nominated myself for a Bloggers' Choice Award. I don't know why I'm choosing to admit I did this but probably because when you go to the page, it says the person who nominated the blog is "Jenmovies". I thought that was a bit obvious so why not go the whole hog and admit it? I'm not ashamed! Haven't countless others done the same to get their name out there? Absolutely.

I've also written to LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) to see if they might feature me on their site. It all started with a dream...

Several months ago when I bought the domain I made a deal with myself. One year. One year of blogging and I'll see where it takes me. After that, I'll probably give up the promotional trail and see what else is out there. Of course I'd continue to do blog entries for fun still, but no longer would I try to make it a career.

Well in less than one year I've started writing for 3 great sites besides this one, get at least 50 hits per day on my blog, have discovered a network of industry people and supporters on Twitter, have made some great contacts, was offered a journalist place at the SAG awards which I sadly had to turn down, renewed my membership of the Australian Film Critics Association (AFCA) in association with FIPRESCI of the US and have learned a crapload about writing in HTML, XHTML and some CSS.

Soon, thankfully, I'll be adding podcasts to my site, launching a totally new site with the help of my friends at I Heart Movies, continue on my campaign for a national radio spot (not that I've started, I've been extremely lazy in that area), will try to head to some premieres and score some top interviews.

I'm extremely lucky that I have accomplished what I have so far...and it hasn't even been one year! Thanks again to everyone who is supporting this site and pretty please, go vote!

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