Thursday, August 14, 2008

My friend just died


Well, not a real friend. My computer friend, who is usually reliable and just plain awesome.

First, it was turning itself off. Obviously it was overheating. Took the case off and the connection to the fan on the graphics card had snapped off. Clearly some tiny form of computer pixie had been up to no good in there. So fine, got two graphics cards that I thought would do the job. Put each in, tested, now the stupid CPU isn't doing jack and the monitor is black. No image, no on board graphics. BLURGH! NOW I have gotten a new power supply because *somehow* one of the fan blades on my ps snapped off! WHAT THE EFF?! Sometimes I WISH I had no knowledge of computer guts.

Basically I'm looking at a $700 upgrade to cover my needs (graphics work, playing videos). Pretty basic right? I'm so annoyed!

Why am I writing this on a movie blog? Because I can't blog at home now can I? At the moment, I'm using my boyfriend's computer and any of you who live in two computer households know that is NOT ideal. In fact, it just feels plain wrong.

I need a miracle! (No, not Kurt Russel)


Anonymous said...

Man now I feel guilty that I just bought a whole new machine. Although I do now have to find something to do with this old laptop.

Jen Reviews Movies said...

Lol it's ok! I might buy another one soon. I have it running now, even though it's really noisy and just totally slow. :( I need to get paid! haha