Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome New Readers!

What's this then? Some of you know I wrote a film review for a local capital city newspaper.

(Hobartians - Please check it out in the Attitude Section of the Mercury)

If that's why you're here, welcome to
Jen Reviews Movies!!!

I'm just a local gal (sort of - born in the U.S.A.) who writes film reviews and occasionally appears on radio.

I rant about film, put up some awesome links, post hilarious film-related videos or from time to time, write an actual review. I also write for several other sites which you can link to on the right there, or even become a "fan" on Facebook.

Please email me if you have
any questions and feel free to comment on any of my's anonymous if you want. Ooh!

Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to bookmark Jen Reviews Movies!

NOTE: Yes, I do know Something About Mary was created in 1998 not 1988! It's a typo. The original I submitted was correct.

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Liz Bethany said...

Damn I missed out on buying this paper!!! :( Link??

Go you for getting published!! (even though I think you're far too talented for likes of The Mockery).

Jen Reviews Movies said...

It might go online at some stage...there is a first (and last) time for everything. I am definitely more suited to online I think!