Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Voice of God Silenced

The "Voice of God" or "Thunderthroat" has passed away. Don La Fontaine, one of the most famous voice-over artists ever, died from complications due to pneumothorax, or "collapsed lung". Visit Don's site HERE.

Every true movie buff knows this man well, and most would recognise his voice from any of the 5, 000 movie trailers or 350, 000 commercials (true) he's voiced.

I was lucky enough to interview the man and you can listen to that bit of fun audio below. A real gentleman and talent.

I am truly saddened by his death and will always remember him and his golden set of pipes.


Nigel Honey said...

oh my god!

Anonymous said...

This is truly sad news :(

I`ll miss Don and his "voice of 7 testicals"

Jen Reviews Movies said...

I don't know if both these comments are meant to be funny or not! AKWARD.

I'm still sad about this, poor guy. No one will ever come close to his awesomeness.

Jonathan Fisher said...

Wow I had no idea he passed away. That really sucks. Good job on the interview Jen, how did you score that gig??

"In a world..."

Jen Reviews Movies said...

It was as simple as going to his website, getting an email and sending a request. He was such a kind person, he stayed on hold for about 5 minutes while the local guys organised themselves for their radio interview. He even did free voice overs for them. What a legend.