Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I need some funny

I pass this video on so much I thought I better post it (and I can't remember if I did already and can't be bothered looking).

This is Shia La Beouf (supposedly) promoting Indy IV but actually telling the HILARIOUS story of his arrest that night at Walgreens (chemist/pharmacy chain in the US).

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Liz Bethany said...

I did check this out chickie - and as promised it was HILARIOUS!! Especially the way Shia self-effacingly explained his arrest! I can't help but like him even more, perhaps one day we will meet him hmm? (and you can ask for his hand in marriage ;) )

anyway he seems fairly down to earth (compared with other celebs) and like a bit of an idiot when he is drunk (who isn't?). It was refreshing. :-)