Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prediction: Stupidest movie ever

I just saw the trailer for arrogantly titled "W" , the George W. Bush biopic, and I am honestly dumbfounded. How? Why? I propose that Oliver Stone has done a "Lucas" and lost his damn mind. Even funnier is that totally awesome people have agreed to be in this film! I feel swindled already.

Here's another prediction for you. Hell, take several.

Future Movies About Things We Don't Want To See

"The Tax Office" Intrigue occurs when Tom Hanks is processing a Tax Return. (I should have just said Angels and Demons here)

"Baby Talk" Grown ups who talk like babies, trendy new fetish. The lost Kubrick film.

"Traffic School" People who needlessly drive with their brights on, never indicate and merge in an intersection get taught a Vin Diesel!

"Janitor Justice" A janitor at a high school just can't take it anymore. Nicholas Cage stars (with mullet).

"Junk Mail" A catalog delivery woman gets kidnapped by a crazy environmentalist and is forced to "rub the hemp oil" on.

"Office Talk" Everything you ever wanted to know about the most insignificant person you'll ever meet, heard second hand while she's on the phone!

I think you get the idea...


Liz Bethany said...

omg omg omg!!


and :| (because i can picture someone in hollywood PRODUCING those films, and also because Nicholas Cage's career has gotten to that point)

Fletch said...

Yeah, I hate Nic Cage (famously), yet I'm all over Janitor Justice. Sounds like a hilariously bad flick there. I'm up for Baby Talk, too...hell, it would make more sense than Eyes Wide Shut, that's for sure.

Though I couldn't disagree more on W. It could be a failure (and one that would get written off due to its absurdity), but it could be genius, too.

Jonathan Fisher said...

I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing 'W'.