Sunday, September 14, 2008

Temporary outage of blog

Hi All...behind the scenes of JRM my family and friends in Texas are in the middle of Ike, or by now it's aftermath. I'm also embroiled in some minor political intrigue with a former close friend in said great state. Both these things are causing immense trauma to my life and are occupying all my thoughts. I assume within a few days at least one of these issues may be resolved (like when the phone stops being busy and my Granny answers to confirm her and our entire family are alive and well).

I tend to be a highly emotional creature so I apologise for not being able to comparmentalise like I usually can...these things are too extreme.

Hopefull I'll be able to concentrate on lighter topics very soon.

*Update (Sept 15) - My boyfriend is now in surgery. These things come in threes right? I'm about to head back to the hospital with some of his things...

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