Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AWOL and Moving

Hello readers! Thanks for being patient with me. I keep taking these mini-breaks without explaining why, only to return a week later to explain! It's a bit silly really.

Anyway, I'm moving and I still don't have a computer of my own so there are my reasons for not blogging.

I did watch a movie called "How She Move" which wasn't a bad little flick. Had a bit much going on, a simpler story would have been nice, and the "stomp" or "step" style dancing was entertaining. Great performances from most of the cast too. It's fun if you like dance movies but it doesn't stand outside the genre. 2.5.5 stars.
Please be patient with me and I should have some normal blogging going on in a week or so. I'm off to see Quantum of Solace very soon so I think I'll simply have to discuss that one.

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