Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More awesome movie posters...

In my other, other life I'm a part-time Graphic Designer and I frequently read (no stalk) other designer blogs for ideas etc. My favorite right now is "Well Medicated" and I trawl this site when I'm in need of a jump-start of inspiration. The author, Andrew Lindstrom, has great taste and happens to have very similar tastes to me, which is handy.

He has painstakingly (I'm sure) put together two massive collections of illustrated horror movie posters and his choices are, well, SEE FOR YOURSELF.



PS Forgot to mention I watched Frankenstein (1931) the other day and was amused by the abrupt edits...old movies rule. :) I was trying to put myself in the mind-frame of people who lived back then but I think once you've seen Saw there is no going back as far as fear factor goes, not quality of course. I still love Frankenstein as a film though.

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