Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life after MJ and other things

The other day at work, a colleague expressed his disdain at all the outpouring of love and support for Michael Jackson. "How can you care that much about someone you didn't know"? Well it's a good question. I guess if you've never felt that way before about someone, you wouldn't understand but the whole thing is really difficult to put in words. I suppose in the case of Michael Jackson, this is someone who's been in my life since I can remember. Michael's music permeated almost every great memory I have like the story I recounted in the previous post about buying Bad with the first spending money I ever earned. The best way for me to explain to you how I feel is by using the words of another.

"Why don't we mourn "more important" deaths like we are mourning this one?

What if after your mother died people said that? "Everyone dies, geez, why are you crying?? What makes your mom so special? Why aren't you crying for all the children in Darfur? What about all the people dying in the inner cities. Our poor soldiers in Iraq die everyday. Who mourns them? Innocent children are murdered around the world"

I mean, they'd be right to an extent. One death is nothing compared to thousands, right? But you wouldn't care, because it's YOUR mother and you don't care about people that you don't come in contact with.

There's no comparison between someone's mother and someone they don't even know, you're right. But my level of sadness is commensurate to the impact he had on my life. He never changed my diapers or put food in my mouth, so he's not comparable to my mother and I'm not as inconsolable as I'd be if she died. But he did cause me to try to moonwalk. I sing his songs out loud. I begged for and subsequently received a Thriller jacket, glitter socks and 2 Michael Jackson dolls wearing the Grammy and American Music Awards outfits when I was a kid.

I've watched him and marveled at his talent for the entirety of my life. Is it ridiculous to mourn someone that gave you joy for over 30 years? I guarantee at some point in your life you'll be saddened by someone who "you've never met" and they won't be nearly as influential as MJ."

Taken from the blog "What Ricky Thinks"

Moving on (eventually), I wanted to mention the very exciting news that Harry Potter will be back in cinemas this coming Wednesday. I already have tickets purchased for that Saturday night as all the sessions until then had been sold out! Crazy. I suppose Potter-Mania shouldn't really surprise me these days. I think this was my favourite book of the series so I hope they do it justice! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is in most major cinemas from July 15.

A lot of people are asking me if I've seen Bruno. The answer is NO, I don't want to see it, please don't make me. I barely made it through Borat without walking out. I can see that Sacha Baron Cohen is very clever, yes, but when you boil it down he's just really mean. I don't enjoy seeing people treated so poorly and I don't find his antics amusing. I don't know why, that's just me. I'm can admit I do see how some could find it funny, I just don't.

Last week I bought the Graduate on DVD for around $8. Meanwhile, some other kid in line was buying "Meet the Spartans" for $30. SUCKA! I'm looking forward to watching it. I'm the hugest Dustin Hoffman fan and I've only ever seen clips of this film.

If you love film you have to educate yourself with some of the classics.

Have a great weekend (what's left of it) and for goodness a movie!

*saw Potter, wasn't impressed. They cut out some of the most anticipated moments for me. Still, visually it was something else. The Graduate has to be now, one of my favourite films. So incredible. See it!!!

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