Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tragedy in Life and Death

Do you remember that first time you had money of your own and actually earned it? I can't remember how I got my first cash, whether it was for doing extra chores or something like that but I do remember what I bought. It was a cassette tape: "Bad" by Michael Jackson.
I can't remember a day of my life without knowing that name. My Mom used to sing Jackson 5 tracks and my sister and I used to nearly break our ankles trying to Moonwalk. Like E.T. was the first film that made me realise I loved movies, Michael Jackson was the first artist to really make me pay attention to music. I can't begin to calculate the amount of joy his music has brought to my life since day 1.
I didn't want to let his death go by without noting it. Michael Jackson helped shape who I am today and that's not me being poetic, it's the honest truth. You might get annoyed about all the press that his death is getting, stopping so called real news from reaching the forefront, but how much of the sadness in our lives at one time or another was made better by listening to this man's music? I know in my life, countless times. If the world's reaction is any indication, I know that it's the same for millions globally. Why not stop for a week or so to listen to his music instead of concentrating on the world's ills? I know what I'd prefer to do.
As far as those allegations MJ faced over the years, I like to think that he wasn't capable of doing that to children as he was just as much of a child himself. I don't appreciate the jokes and jabs at his expense, especially considering his close friends and family and what they have to see and hear in the media. Let them grieve as I'm sure they need to, even his overbearing father Joe.
I really am struggling with saying goodbye to Michael Jackson, as I'm sure many of you are. I have the photo above as my phone's desktop and every PC I come in contact with is adorned with a similar image. I've been listening to his songs non-stop since hearing the news and nearly had a breakdown when I couldn't find THAT casette.
I love what you gave the world Mike and thanks for all you got me through over the years. Like artists who changed music and culture throughout history, I believe your legacy will live on. RIP Mike. In Pain No More.

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