Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Australia & The Dictator

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

I have lived in Australia for 13 years now, after having moved from the only home I'd ever known in Texas. I constantly tell people how amazing it is here. How great it is to have low-cost higher education and free healthcare (which works). I love how we have a friendly, creative and multicultural society. I love how people can speak freely here to criticise the government or to speak politically without inciting riots. I am usually quite happy with what the Prime Minister is doing, until today when I read this.
Don't rub your eyes. You read correctly. The Australian Government has set in motion a plan to create an internet filter to censor what content we can view. The part of the article that really got me going was this: Senator Conroy says some internet content is simply not suitable in a civilised society. Excuse me Mr Conroy, but who elected you Judge, Jury and Executioner? Who are you to choose what is not suitable for ME?

Last time I looked, I didn't live in Iran or North Korea or Cuba. I was pretty sure our Prime Minister was elected. Why do I feel as though I'm under the rule of an iron fist? Kevin Rudd, are you Australia's first dictator?

The Govt's favourite argument here is that this is "for the children". I recommend you read this article before you agree. Pedophiles are known to be very internet savvy and usually skilled hackers/encrypters. I find this repulsive but it's true. A simple Google search will reveal ways around this filter. They are not protecting the children from anything. They are taking over parenting!

If you're as pissed off as I am visit the No Clean Feed website. BOMBARD our leaders with email, snail mail and phone calls. Demand an election to remove the Rudd government if that's what it takes. Force Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, a clearly backwards and out-of-touch (and dangerous) man, to step down.

DO SOMETHING. We cannot sit idly by while the Australian Government takes away part of our freedom. The good of this filter will far be outweighed by the bad. Protect democracy!


Ando said...

We need to do something about this, we can’t sit back on the sidelines with the usual apathetic aussie attitude. If censorship of this level was attempted in the UK or US there would be massive protests on the streets. We need to do the same, the Australian Government does not own the Internet and I will not be told what information I can view by some right wing Christian fundamentalist!

Jonathan Fisher said...

The legislation is rather scary, but it remains to be seen that the Government can convince the Opposition and minor parties to run with it in the House or Senate. I don't think this will pass. If it does, I think once people see what's happened, the Government will have no choice but to abolish the filter. We'll be fine. If anything it'll prove that our system of government DOES protect our freedoms and rights.

Jen said...

I hope you're right Jon! For the sake of democracy and freedom in Australia.