Friday, July 2, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, what was old is once new again! Introducing...

What a week for news this has been. I wake up Friday morning to fanboy/girl pandemonium! 

Today UK gent Andrew Garfield was cast to play American hero Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) in a reboot of the series. Ok so... what!? Spiderman just finished with the third installment directed by Sam Raimi in 2007. Granted it was a crappy ending to the awesome first two films Raimi cooked up but, a reboot this soon? I honestly believe that Sony Pictures (thanks to bendakk) along with most of Hollywood are completely cracked. However, you see, it's soon enough so people remember the Raimi Spiderman films which means that the average movie goer will most likely fork over their hard earned $$$ to see the webbed wonder on the screen once again. Like the recent Karate Kid remake, this is quite obviously just another lunge for the pockets of Mr and Mrs Joe Average. Not nice Hollywood. It was pointed out to me (also bendakk) that Marvel Studios still doesn't have the rights to the Spiderman film franchise. I think it's time.
We do love Spidey, and all us fankids will go out and see it like, yesterday, but I wonder if we should. We are just encouraging bad studio exec behaviour. I'll see the film when it's released but I do believe the Spiderman 1 and 2 by Dir Sam Raimi were pretty infallible. Even for die hard comic fans. I guess it remains to be seen what the studio will try to do with this new story but casting a Brit in the lead probably wasn't their greatest first step. Did someone get a little too excited by the success of Kick-Ass? Not all young, handsome Brit actors are alike. I'm holding off judging until I see some of Garfield's work but the move seems pretty transparent.

The other big news of the day, especially on twitter, is Jim Lee's new Wonder Woman concept. Starting with issue #600 of the series, Wonder Woman gets a new look and story. Gone are the hot pants and bustier, and why the hell not? I know I couldn't fight serious crime in that get-up! Well done to Jim Lee for liberating Miss WW. 
Click here to watch ABC news (USA) talking to Jim Lee and Linda Carter, who played WW in the iconic TV show of the 70's, about the new look Wonder Woman costume. 

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2D said...

If they butcher my Spidey I don't know how I'll react. I tolerated the Raimi renditions but they are far from my Spider-Man. Like in Last Samurai #3 had too many mind!

But they can revamp as times as they want