Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This is me. The look on my face is "say what"? 
Pretty much describes the last 6 months.

Ok here's the lowdown (aka most recent excuse for not blogging). 
In the last 6  months I broke up with my long term boyfriend, moved house twice, had to re-stock half my possessions, paid off all my debt, booked my first overseas holiday in 7 years, had the most epic flu I've ever had (still not over it one month later), had no proper internet for most of that time and have had a very intense existential crisis. I've basically had to "reinvent" myself as supremely cheesy as that sounds. I do feel like I've come out the other side of something, and I'm better for it.
Sometimes I get discouraged when I see the woman with 5 kids who blogs daily, has a published book and some type of crazy media career full of opportunities I can only dream of.  How do these people even do that? How do they fit all of that stuff into an hour, a day, a week? Seriously, if you know the secret, please tell me.
That's my excuse, take it or leave it. (Please, take it.)
So the movies I've seen: 

I loved this. Some critics aren't convinced but I truly believe that Inception is this generation's Blade Runner or Metropolis. The soundtrack was exciting and haunting and was almost a character in itself. The entire cast put in 110%. They clearly worked well with director Christopher Nolan, a top 10 director if I ever saw one. Inception is an intelligent, unique science fiction film that lifts the genre to new heights. I give it 4.5/5. Watch out for Joseph Gordon Levitt who steals the show.
Scott Pilgrim VS the World
Wow! Edgar Wright, I just love him. I want to wrap him up in a piece of cotton candy and lick him to death. Scott Pilgrim wasn't perfect though. One issues I had with this film was with the leads (Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead). They had no real passion between them, not the passion that would cause a man to fight 7 evil exes for a girl. There was a cute sort of puppy love that did work most of the time. Secondly, the original material was obviously filled with a very bitter taste. It tainted the film in a way. However, overall, it was unique, fun and just a joy to watch both for old school video game enthusiasts and the new generation who love the original story and this millennium's need for instant gratification. 3.5/5 (and a fist pump). 
When I saw the trailer for Salt, I like most of you thought, A female Bourne? Well, kind-of, but there were enough differences in this film to set it apart from other spy films. The action was phenomenal. It's difficult for me to imagine Salt as a male which was how the character was originally scripted. Thank goodness for Angelina Jolie. She made a film that was a slightly different spy film into a very different spy film. She was honest, intimidating, strong and vulnerable all at the same time. She, like the filmmakers, pulled no punches. Literally! I highly recommend this film to anyone. It's really got something for everyone. An intelligent, interesting, exciting action film. Loved it. 4/5.
Go see a movie y'all!

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