Friday, November 25, 2011

Just a quick note about The Muppets

I'm not a film critic anymore, am I? What makes a critic? Is it someone who works commercially as a journalist or just a film buff with a vast range of knowledge who has an opinion? I think it's both, all. Whatever! 

Anyway, I saw The Muppets. I think you should too. Jason Segel is a brilliant writer, producer, actor and comedian. He's all things! Mostly, a man with a generous heart and a lot to share with the world.

I saw this movie and I was suddenly a little kid again, then a scared teenager leaving the nest, then going through my first love then feeling like the movie was giving me advice as a 30 year old. Somehow, Jason Segel managed to pack all of this into a spectacular and heartfelt Muppet reprise that left my cheeks stained with tears and my day looking more hopeful.

Adults will eat up the nostalgia but damn, did the kids love it too. The row behind me clapped through the last half of the film and had all of us clapping at the end. They hooted, they awed, they laughed and even sang along. It was truly, absolutely, magical. Worth dusting off the keyboard for.


efrain said...

i totally agree. I saw the Muppets earlier today and I loved it. It had enough of the Muppets I remembered and opened the door for the next generation to join.

now, if they make a sequel, there should be a Sesame street crossover, and then my life quite possibly would be complete.

Jen said...

haha Agree!