Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorites of 2011

Here are the films that were memorable to me in no particular order:

  • Rango
  • Tangled
  • Drive
  • The Muppets
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
  • The Skin I Live In (Spain)
  • Attack the Block (UK)
  • Snowtown (AU)
  • Hesher
  • Sherlock Holmes 2
  • The Dead (overall a great addition to the zombie genre, though schlocky in parts)
  • Bridesmaids
  • Paul (Why is this not on every single best-of list? The only DVD I bought this year.)
  • Captain America
  • Green Lantern
  • Source Code
  • Insidious (Ok, the 'reveal' was a bit daft but this stuck with me)
  • Kung Fu Panda 2
  • Hannah 
  • X-Men: First Class 
Dishonorable mentions: Fast Five, Your Highness, The Help. What? I liked them! 

Of course I haven't seen some of the brilliant films included on most people's lists as I had an off year. What with moving to another country and losing a majority of my income as well as sharing what movies to see with my boyfriend, I missed a lot. I'll catch up on DVD.

Many of you will wonder why I don't include Super 8. I liked it. Definitely had its moments. But it lacked the magic that a movie of its type should have.

Sadly I haven't seen quite a few of the films I feel I should have this year. I'm hoping to see some of the big ones before year's end. 

Hope you had a good year at the movies. If you want to keep having the opportunity to see them on the big screen, make sure you go regularly and PAY! :)


joe said...

agree with everything here.

loved drive! also (your highness)

and totally on board with super 8, thought it would have the punch of a film like stand by me but its sort of just a really good film and not an 'experience', sorry if that sounded pretentious..

Jen said...

Not at all and I'm glad you agree. I see a film like The Muppets and know THAT'S magic. Super 8 was not, but still a very good film.

Joel Burman said...

I'm on board with Super 8 too. However, my problem was that it was only 80's magic nostalghia. The end lacked poorly because it felt so random.

Also honorable mention for Green Lantern??? Wow!!!

I saw that you posted in the LAMB forum about being on the LAMBcast. I think you should! It has been a little crowded on there as of late but it would be awesome to have you on it.

Finally my main reason for stopping by was to wish you a happybirthday!

Jen said...

haha Thanks Joel. I think Green Lantern honoured the comic and really had a lot of heart. I was surprised I liked it so much. Thank you SO KINDLY for the happy birthday message. :)

Lovefilm said...

Thanks a lot Jen for the list. I guess I've missed few of those movies.But I'll make sure to watch the movies I've missed to watch with and will try to look at to see if its available.

Above all I really love Kung Fu Panda, Captain America and X-men.

Once again thanks a lot for your list...

Catriona Lewis said...

I agree with you. These all are very nicely directed movies. I also haven't seen some of the film but I like the Drive movie very much. Ryan gosling is a great actor and his dressing in the movie was awesome. His drive jacket scorpion is very nice. its shiny look is very much liked by me.