Monday, September 24, 2007

Review: Superbad

Directed by: Greg Mottola

Starring: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Seth Rogen

Plot: The story is about 2 teenage best friends who are facing the end highschool. One crazy night on the town sees the best friends come to grips with their friendship and the fact they are going to different Universities. Don't worry, it's more dirty jokes than On Golden Pond...


Ok so I've taken days to write this review. Partly due to the fact that I'm making my first ever youtube video with me in it, and secondly because I was faced with a dilemma. How in hades am I going to write a PG-13 review for this filth-filled romp?

Well, I've decided to give it a go. I mean, the movie was really REALLY good so it deserves a write up. I'm getting ahead of myself here, so let's start from the beginning.

The movie stars Michael Cera (TV's Arrested Development) and Jonah Hill (Seth Rogen chum and comedy movie reg) as the two best friends who embark on a crazy night of debauchery and 'I knew that would happen' mishaps. These two are hilarious together. Cera's dry delivery and Hill's verbal assaults make for some ingenious ad-lib ("No one's been laid in cargo shorts since 'Nam").

Newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse stars as Fogell, or McLovin as it says on his fake ID (no first name). He's kind of like the Jar Jar of the film and you can never really identify with him. However, his moments were classic and I can't totally discount them.

Despite the fact there is some of the foulest footage/language I've ever seen/heard in this film, I don't think they could have done it without including the filth.

Seth Rogen (co-writer) and Bill Hader (SNL) had cameos as two seemingly deranged police officers who spend most of their night carting McLovin' around town. There were some pretty funny lines and although a bit cliche, they were a welcome sideline to the main story.

My favourite thing about Superbad however was Emma Stone, who plays Jules in the film. She was great as the non-drinking superhot yet smart love interest to Jonah Hill's fatty yet lovable loser. She reminded me so much of Martha Plimpton from Goonies, just in her voice and her actions. I love how they wrote in a lovely yet somewhat responsible gal who isn't judgemental. I think the Britney/Lindsay/Paris wannabes can learn from her character.

[side note: in my youtube review I said she reminded me of Winona Rider...I was thinking more in the Beetlejuice kind of way...mostly looks too]

If you are offended by pictures of anatomy, rude jokes, foul language and nudity, this film is so not for you. However, if you remember highschool as sucking, are not offended by the above and have some money in your pocket you have to check out Superbad. One of the funniest and sweetest (what!?) films set to a jive turkey 70's funkadellic soundtrack that I've seen in ages.

3.5/5 Supergood Stars!

Ps: Superbad has it's own Youtube channel. Click here to see it!

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