Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Movie Minute

Does this dirty jumpsuit make me look fat? Be honest!

Well it's almost Halloween. I'm going to do a post tomorrow about my top 5 scary movies. What could my #1 be? You won't believe it! Totally not what you'd expect! I did a really fun radio segment on my alternative top 5...that is to say a few edits because it has to have mass appeal (most popular, etc etc). I will try to post that too if I have time. I still get so excited about Halloween even though it's hardly celebrated here in Australia. (I'm an American living Down Under for those who haven't guessed yet)

Aleisha's in the middle

My comedian/tv producer friend Aleisha went to the Arias (Aussie Music Awards) and you can read about it HERE. Not fair! She did meet movie related people and was sitting not too far away from Nicole Kidman who was there with Keith Urban. She met one of my fave Aussie film critics, Richard Wilkins. Go read her blog and live vicariously like I do!

I finally saw WAITRESS after waiting for freakin' ever. UGH I love living in Australia but the waiting on movies is BS. Yes, yes I could illegaly download but it always feels dirty when I watch pirated things. (Ignore near perfect copy of Die Hard 4 given to me by a friend who shall remain nameless...Bruce is my crack ok!!!) So Waitress was great. I normally despise the comedy/drama but this one was a winner. Creepy about writer/directory/star Adrienne Shelly who was murdered by an illegal immigrant working construction near her apartment, during filming. It didn't curse the film yet star Keri Russel can't seem to get over the incident, despite the film's critical success. Imagine all the great things Adrienne Shelly could have done in her life...truly a tragedy. Why can't that happen to Paris Hilton instead? (Yes, I'm the devil)

Next week we get 30 Days of Night...which I hear is a bit of a bore despite the incredibly good idea. I'll make my own decision on that thank you!

Finally, The Game Plan is out this week at my local cinema. YES some new Rock action! I don't care if it's a fluffy family movie, I am SO THERE!

ps My greatest interview to date is coming up this Friday. Who is it with? Well you'll just have to keep checking my blog to find out!!! Here's a hint...Pablo Francisco likes him and he talks about Summer...a lot!

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LeishBlog said...

Lady you are the best. I too am hanging to see The Waitress film, I am going to try and see it this week!
I love your blog and I can't wait to catch up super soon!

Leish from