Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update 6 OCT 09

Life is full. This past week I've been painting the kitchen and finally making the house I purchased months ago feel like a home. My partner is an enthusiastic man who works hard and has been driving all the renovations. Without him I would probably be in bed all day watching movies or on twitter doing not much of anything. I'm grateful to have a house and this gorgeous new-look kitchen.

I also had a visitor stay for 4 days. He's a fellow martial artist from interstate and he was here just to get away and thankfully, volunteer his help with some extra training. He's one of those people that I just get along with as though we shared the same blood. I love having him around and he's got a great sense of humour. I think for four days all we did was recite all of the Lonely Island comedy songs...like a boss.

I've been catching up on TV shows, doing lots of radio and trying to find time to write about the movies I love. The fact is, the good reviews, the in depth studied film-snobbery type reviews, are what you should be reading. I'm just going to post crap here (albeit fun crap).

Listen to my podcast if you like. New ep up today: http://www.cpod.org.au/page.php?id=86 so please check it out.

Oh and remember, every film doesn't have to be award-winning for you to enjoy it. Don't feel guilty or dumber just because you enjoyed something less-than. Don't listen to naysayers...they are usually the same people who refuse to listen to popular music just because it's popular. Watch what you like. :)

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